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The Man Behind the Production...

Wilson Reado has made his mark in numeous industries of the business sphere.  Owning and operating multiple successful endeavors ranging from his exisiting real estate development firm for the past 24 years, on to promotions, productions,  entertainment outlets, and has even held official state and local govermental positions in the State of Louisiana.


In 1985, Wilson was the owner and president of the largest entertainment center in Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas.  He has promoted both national and local acts. Wilson managed Ronnie "Diamond" and the New Ohio Players out of Dayton, OH. He currently still manages Ronnie "Diamond" Hoard and Tai Johnson, as well as several other artist providing a platform to showcase their talents globally.


Wilson introduced the sound and created a scene for Reggae music from the islands of Jamaica to Baton Rouge.  He owned and managed the Restaurant/Night Club..."Club Negril 2". Wilson hosted such Reggae Acts as...The Elements, Michael Black & the Dreads, Yabba Traxx, Devron Brown, Ras Michael (Jamaica), and several others.


Wilson's establishment also hosted and promoted international recording  groups and artist  such as... WAR, the Ohio Players, Bobby Brown, Roy Ayers, Johnny Guitar Watson, Beau Williams, Otis Clay (Chicago)...and many more.


From 1985-1990, Club Negril 2 served as the "go-to" spot for the night life in the Southern Louisiana region. During this time, Wilson also worked and collaborated very closely with KLSU Radio Station where he helped promote artist coming to the region.


Club Negril become a spot where A-List Celebrities and patrons alike enjoyed the environment and came from far and near just to experience the energy and ambience.  


Wilson Reado

Other achievements and endeavours of Wilson's can be found on the links below...


Landmark Building Consultants, LLC


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